Frank W. Grosse-Oetringhaus

The Best Traveled Man on Earth – the best in quality – based on highlight

“...your travel quality is unique worldwide”,
Harry Mitsidis, Founder of the Club "The Best travelled"

How to become the best traveled man on earth?

You go for „Travel Quality“ - Explaining „Travel Quality“ in 75 pages / 5th edition

Click here to get the SHORT VERSION: 4 chapters

1. Our ranking: Origin, Evaluation, Consequence (7 pages)
2. The Core Concept: Highlights (4 pages)
3. The Enlarged Concept: Styles (10 pages)
4. General Examples of Travel Quality: Extremes  (7 pages)
   Summary (4 pages)

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5. Specific Examples of Travel Quality: Regions (8 pages)
6. Performance Aspects: Efficient, complete, risky (10 pages)
7. Social Aspects: Mass Tourism, Sharing, Travel Clubs (3 pages)
8. Ecological Aspects: Preserve, Humanitarian, UNESCO (4 pages)
9. Operational Aspects: Costs, Luggage, Visa, Support (4 pages)
    Summary: Essence, Presentation, Concept (6 pages)

The scores of Frank (Nov. 2016)

- No. 1 in Highlights: 90% of 5.000 places
- No. 1 in UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 929 out of 1052 sites
(acc. to TBT)
- No. 1 in the club „The Best Travelled“ (June 2015): Currently No. 3: 1058 out of 1.281 regions
- All 193 UN-countries (the last 4 in Dec 16/Jan 17)
- More than 23 projects in helping organizations to get on the Tentative List of the UNESCO

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